About Mathshare

Mathshare was created in 2017 by the DIAGRAM Center, an R&D initiative from Benetech with the help of Dr. Neil Soiffer. It is an inclusive digital math editor that gives all students (with and without disabilities) the unprecedented ability to interact with math problems online and to easily demonstrate their math skills in a digital environment. As an increasing number of classrooms transition to online learning environments, millions of students face challenges in solving math problems online and showing their work. Mathshare enables all students to learn how to solve math equations by themselves, make errors, start again independently, and show their work to educators in a digital, accessible, and user-friendly environment.

How Mathshare Works:

  • Mathshare is a web-based app that can be accessed on any computer without having to download anything
  • You can log in using Single-Sign On (SSO) with Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams if you want to save your sets, though log in is not required to use Mathshare
  • As a teacher, you can create sets and assign them to your students, either through LMS (like Google Classroom), or using a share link
  • Assign sets either through an LMS or using a share link
  • Each student gets their own version of the set to fill out, and they can come back to edit the set later
  • Once they’re finished, students can turn in their finalized work, either through an LMS (like Google Classroom) or using a share link  

For more information on how Mathshare works, check out our YouTube video “Supporting Math at Home with Mathshare

Key Benefits of Mathshare Include:

  • Supports organization and focus- step-by-step problem solving makes it easier for students to work on math problems by allowing them to break them up into smaller parts
  • Showing Work- the note taking feature allows students to explain their thinking as they work through a problem
  • Evaluating learning – teachers can evaluate not only student answers to see if they are correct, but also have access to their reasoning, to better understand exactly where and how students are struggling and with which concepts.

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