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The Cost of Mathshare

There is no price for Mathshare. It’s free for teachers, parents, schools, districts, and students.

Mathshare was developed with generous support for various funders. Mathshare is and always will be free for teachers, students, and parents.

To accomplish our mission of supporting inclusive Math and Science classrooms we are partnering with other education and technology companies to integrate Mathshare into their tools for their users.  

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Benefits of Having a User Account

Teachers and students do not have to create an account to use Mathshare, but having a free account gives you access to additional features.

Signing up for a Mathshare account through Google or Microsoft enables:

  • Connecting Mathshare with your LMS of choice
  • The ability to save personalization settings
  • Problem sets you have created to be displayed on your dashboard for access at a later time and from any device (coming soon!)
  • Problem sets you have responded to displayed on your dashboard.
  • The ability to edit previous problem sets. (coming soon!)
  • The ability to share your problem sets to the public library (coming soon!)

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Why You Need a Google or Microsoft ID to Create a Mathshare Account and How Mathshare Accesses and Uses Your Data

We use Google and Microsoft Sign in to handle user accounts. We chose Google and Microsoft because the majority of schools in the USA provide google accounts for their students, even if email is disabled for the account. This makes accounts easier to setup and more secure because you don’t need an email to verify your account, no extra password to forget, and controlled by your school admin. We do store your Google or Microsoft ID but never see your password or other log in credentials. Google and Microsoft handle all of that and simply tells us your ID when you have successfully signed in.

What Google gives us about you:

  • Google ID
  • Your Google email
  • Your name
  • Your profile picture

What Microsoft gives us about you:

  • Microsoft ID
  • Your Microsoft email
  • Your name
  • Your profile picture

Want to learn what tools have access to your browser and Google account? You can review and modify all sites/apps that have access to your Google account by going to

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How to Delete Your Account

If you would like to have your account completely deleted email us at

You can also revoke permissions to your Google or Microsoft account when you first signed up by going to these sites and making the changes yourself.


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